How to Sell Your Home For Top Dollar

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Real Estate

Are long overdue home improvement projects causing you to not consider selling your house? Consider this- it's a strong sellers market passing you by right now! As your local economist and real estate expert, our team always helps clients evaluate the return on investment and show ways to keep within a budget in preparing your home for sale. Freshly painted interiors are the least expensive spruce up for your home. Updated or remodeled kitchens and bathrooms and new flooring are what add appeal for the buyers who are searching in your area. Exterior maintenance and professional landscaping are just as important. When the work is completed, home staging is the icing on the cake, so to speak. With a fresh look, homes that are brought up to date will get the most attention and sell for the highest price possible. If you are feeling overwhelmed with too many repairs needed, it might be a lot easier than you think. As a certified Keller Offers consultant it's easy for sellers to not only finance the projects with no payments or interest until after the house is sold, it frees up your time by letting your consultant line up all the bids for you to consider!